My name is RUSLAN VYCHEROV and I — Chief Consultant
“ Kseni Mademoiselle” USA Colorado, Denver

I was born in Donetsk province in 1975 . A little grown up and immediately showed his mischief and creativity. I do not know whether my parents believed the works that I was drawing on the wallpaper , and on the mattress in the bedroom with parents , but I certainly thought so .

Sweet tooth takes its roots even from childhood. My grandmother told me that as a child about five years old , I tyril candy from the bowl a very original way . Hand reaching for a vase with konfetulkami and his eyes squinting with fear ! It was terrible that can narugat , but the passion for sweets was stronger .

Professional career began in 1997 when I went to study at the College Kramatorsky food . I remember working as a counselor at summer camp , I drew sketches pirozhenok and cakes , while the children were playing .

Sitting on the first serious work place pastry chef — designer , I’m in the same year twice wins the championship at the famous confectioners. That was something ! I began to get into the press , and even enjoy the first rays of glory in his city .

When the place was little , I wanted a sip of fresh creativity , knowledge and skills — I moved to Kiev . I lived there from 2001 to 2013 , then moved to Odessa .

One of the interesting moments of a career — I was an intern three times in France, from such masters as Patrick Sheva , Patrick vestments , Bruno Pastorelli , Jean Francois Langevin , Arnaud Gautier , Bruno Cure .

In 2011 I became a pastry chef of the year in Ukraine and entered the top three winners of the Pinchuk Art Center . My watch went to the chocolate exhibition on tour around the world! And in 2012 one of my creations was the dessert in Ukraine . My feeling was simply » Wow ! » .